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Business development services and activities

Business first attitude

 Between 2014 and 2018, Gateway has landed 16 projects, supporting the creation of 172 new jobs and capital investment of $415.1 million in Washington County.

  • The economic activity generated by Gateway in the area added about $36.9 million to the local economy in 2018
  • 172 new jobs at the projects support the activities of an additional 52 workers in our county 
  • The local economy sees a boost to total compensation of about $7.5 million from activity directly related to the project, additional business-to-business spending, and additional household spending 

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Washington County has many different types of sites available all within minutes of the Omaha Metro:

  • rail sites
  • sites close to 5 different highways and interstates
  • sites located close to the river
  • Retail locations  

Industry, Retail, Workfoce and Housing

Sites and Buildings

Site Development and ground breaking

Some of our Sites and Buildings, if you do not see a building or site you like please reach out!


Downtown Blair

We are looking for more retailors to come to the area.  With a retail trade area of around 31,000, the median age of 42 and the median household income of $62,750, they are ready to spend.   Click below to see the analysis and leakage reports completed in Aug of 2019


Growing the workforce in Blair

With an overall population of 20,667 in Washington County and the Greater Omaha population of 933,316 minutes away, we can satisfy most workforce needs.

Blair is continuing to help fill the funnel for the trades with the help of Angles Share.  Check out an article below about the project helping youth aging out of the foster care system.  

Census Data

Washington County

Washington County is growing, and will continue to grow as Omaha expands. 

Ag Data

Cargill, and Ag in Blair Nebraska

Have an Ag business and want to learn more about what Blair and the surrounding Washington County area have to offer with crops, workforce and business development services?

High schools supporting the trades!

workforce training in Washington County

All the high schools are supporting the trades in many ways from construction, bio-manufacturing, wielding to CNA programs 


Blair Redevlopment District and TIF projects

Blair TIF

Blair has a Redevelopment District, which the City Council has determined the area to be blighted and in need of redevelopment.  TIF funds might be available in this area. The below link will take you to Blairs GIS, check the box "Regulated use: Redevelopment" to see this area.  

All TIF projects must receive approval at various stages by the Planning Commission, the Community Development Agency [the City Council acting as the CDA], and the City Council.

Nebraska Advantage

Grants and incentives

 The Nebraska Advantage Package is Nebraska’s comprehensive economic development incentive. Whether you’re expanding or relocating your business, you won’t want to skip this step.

Nebraska’s comprehensive economic development incentive package meets the needs of expanding or relocating businesses.

Blair LB840


 Eligible Activities in Blair
Any project or program that provides direct or indirect financial assistance to a qualifying business is an eligible activity for local funds to be collected for the economic development program, or for any payment of related costs and expenses. 

 Programs could include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct loans or grants to qualifying businesses for fixed assets and/or working capital.
  • Loan guarantees for qualifying businesses.
  • Grants for public works improvements which are essential for the location or expansion of a qualifying business. 
  • Workforce training

Fort Calhoun Incentivies