Welcome to Gateway Development Corporation!

Gateway Development Corporation is a catalyst for economic development and quality growth in Washington County.

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About Us

Washington County is the best of both worlds, small-town living with 6 great communities, over 97 thousand acres of corn throughout the county and directly north of the booming Omaha Metro.

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New Jobs

Since 2018, Gateway has helped land 14 projects, supporting the creation of over 1100 new jobs in the county, these projects ranged from a small fabrication company with 4 employees to a large global bio-science company with over 200 employees in Blair.

Capital Investment

Gateway has landed over 490 million in capital investment since 2018, as well as Gateway is always helping find ways to support these businesses with both local, and state incentives.

Construction & Economic Activity

In 2021 during the year of construction, the $363.7 million in construction activity helps support 3,249 jobs in the construction industry and an additional 584 jobs in the community based on the increased economic activity.

  • When fully operational, the economic activity generated by these projects in the area will add about $57.6 million to the local economy each year.
  • Includes activity directly related to the company’s operations and associated “spillover” activity.
  • The 68 jobs at the six projects help support an additional 46 workers in the community.
  • Additional workers include warehousing and storage, real estate, retail, restaurants, accountants, etc.
  • The Washington County economy sees a boost to payroll income of about $6.4 million for jobs directly related to the operations of the project, additional business-to-business spending, and additional household spending.